The Ammach Conference.
Disclosure through Exposure
An Experiencer’s Perspective and Researcher Reports
The White Rock Theatre, Sussex Rooms, Hastings, TN38 1JX
Saturday 31 May 9.30am -6.30 + evening cabaret 8.30-11.30pm

31 May 2014 Ammach Conference Artwork

Art work for the Ammach 2014 conference by JOHN DEAN 31 May 6.30-9.30



Please distribute, share, support and network

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information and testimonies from Experiencers and Researchers

– together we can make a difference and rediscover

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We are delighted to be ending the day with a fun, musical evening

with Experiencer, Mike Smith,

and Mark Windows from The People’s Voice TV at

The Royal Victoria Hotel, Marina, St Leonards o/s East Sussex TN34 0BD

Facilities at the hotel include the restaurant, bar food, and a bar







The Royal Victoria Hotel


We look forward to seeing you there, at this Experiencer / Researcher event. Hopefully, you will stay over for a seaside break, and join us for a great evening with Mike Smith, and Mark Windows providing excellent entertainment, and you can relax, network, share, and dance and sing!





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HILARY PORTER – Experiencer


Hilary Porter Experiencer


HILARY PORTER is the co-founder of B.E.A.M.S – The British Earth & Aerial Mysteries Society, a long established investigation and studies forum, dealing with all aspects of unexplained phenomena and the paranormal. Since her childhood, Hilary has experienced numerous abduction-type/paranormal experiences and had some major UFO sightings. From the mid-sixties onwards she became an avid researcher of UFO’s and related subjects, which has taken her down a fascinating path. For a number of years Hilary has contributed a collection of articles to well known periodicals such as ‘Alien Encounters’, ‘Witness’ and also had material appear under various pseudonyms in books such as Nick Redferns’ ‘Cosmic Crashes’ and ‘Covert Agenda’. Hilary also worked with Marconi, at the time of the strange security breach, by an alien being. Hilary is also an Alien Abduction Counsellor, helping victims wherever possible, and has appeared on television a number of times. Hilary will be talking about her knowledge and experience of/with The Black Clads – strange beings from another reality.



Ammach founder Joanne Summerscales with Leo Sprinkle 2013

Ammach founder Joanne Summerscales with Leo Sprinkle 2013


JOANNE SUMMERSCALES founded the AMMACH PROJECT on 23rd January 2011 – this research and support resource is a UK initiative, though also attracts a lot of contact from around the world. AMMACH seeks to lift the lid on the taboo subject of the Experiencer, and aims to give voice to these people via interviews, publicly on the YouTube channel thammachproject , as well as confidentially, and provides a helpline as a first port of call for people. The first AMMACH support group, which is in Dorset, has progressed out of this, and the parent/child support workshop to help families, AMMACH/CHEX will be developed. Channel 4’s documentary about AMMACH (June 2013), clearly had agendas to divide and conquer; along with discrediting the field, but this has had the opposite effect. Joanne will give an update of what AMMACH is doing, and looking at a case of severe mind control, which she had some therapeutic involvement with, and talking about some of the other interesting cases that have come up, along with details about the book she has written, called ‘43’ with Experiencer, Mike Smith.


Mark Windows - the People's Voice - Windows on the World - Researcher

Mark Windows – the People’s Voice – Windows on the World – Researcher

MARK WINDOWS is a researcher, broadcaster and film maker based in London. He has made feature length documentaries and also contributes to, a site exposing corruption and finding solutions. Mark’s show, (and presentation) Windows on the World on regularly features interviews on Geoengineering, megalithic sites, ancient civilisations, and UFOs. Mark also researches paranormal events including psychic phenomena and out of body experiences, in fact anything which looks into the bigger picture regarding information not covered by the mainstream. Mark’s presentation demonstrates the interconnectedness of many of the things he has researched and how the Experiencer/ET element factors in to the bigger picture: The interconnected Maze


Samantha Macdonald Experiencer Ammach 2014 Conference Speaker

Samantha Macdonald Experiencer Ammach 2014 Conference Speaker

SAMANTHA MACDONALD is presenting a talk about her personal experiences with UFO’s, ET’s, Dark Magic, Orgonite, and the whole Cosmic Matrix Agenda. It took Samantha a long time to speak openly about her experiences, for safety reasons, as she has witnessed first hand what it means to become a target because of one’s abilities and experiences. Samantha was always very psychic as a child, and gifted with prophetic dreams about people and future events. She. was interested in following the spiritual path, and developing her healing gifts, which she discovered we all have. It was then that she had her first experience of Dark Magic being used towards her, and eventually she also discovered how the whole picture of UFO’s, ET’s, drastically altered her perception of reality, and who we really are as a species. Multi-dimensional beings, living in a Multi-dimensional reality. Samantha shares not only her experiences, but the positive message she feels comes with the overall understanding of the lessons this has brought her.


Mike Smith, Experiencer, Ammach 2014 speaker, author and musician

Mike Smith, Experiencer, Ammach 2014 speaker, author and musician

MIKE SMITH comes forward for the first time to speak publicly about what he has experienced most of his life. In 1968, he joined the army, and was initially based in Germany with the Area 51 team as it was one of only two nuclear facilities, he later trained with the SAS until an injury forced him to change direction. His experiences which began in early childhood, continued through his military career, then on into civvy street, as a musician, playing lead guitar. He has been through an incredible array of events, and inlcudes exposure to some very strange mind control scenarios, perpetrated by military and ET. Mike was completely oblivious to these abduction experiences, until he went through a life changing, paradigm shift occurrence, when he had a download, seeing suddenly, his entire life’s history in the briefest of moments, at the age of 43, which almost took him over the edge into a nervous breakdown. Mike had never believed in anything to do with aliens, ET or anything remotely connected, in fact he could not have been less interested, and truly thought those such as he now is, an Experiencer, were complete nutcases, to use his term. He had a rude awakening, and as a feet on the ground person, this was the biggest shock. he could ever have had, to realise the stark reality of the fact that he was indeed an Experiencer. It has taken a great deal of courage for Mike to share his story, which he hopes will encourage other military and ex military people to speak out too.


A Key to the Reality of Extra-terrestrial Life with GEOFF CROCKFORD and NIGEL HUGHES

Nigel Hughes and Geoff Crockford Biolocation Team Ammach 2014 conf speakers

Nigel Hughes and Geoff Crockford Biolocation Team Ammach 2014 conf speakers

Biolocation techniques are likely to be the key to observing and collecting evidence of extra-terrestrial activity in the solar system.

This activity appears undetectable by conventional astronomy – A research program using the techniques has been collecting science based evidence since July 2011 Biolocation’s Astronomical evidence identifies seven species of extra-terrestrial life forms or Galactic Intelligent Lifeforms (GILFS). They all have a common technology, the basic principles of which have been studied. They regularly travel through the solar system and take up positions around planets and their moons including the Earth. Biolocation has also been able to find archaeological evidence of their presence and landings in the British Isles and abroad both in present times and in the past. Evidence has been found of the activities of at least three species on planet Earth during the early Bronze Age.Three archaeological crash sites have been identified with one of them having been subjected to a crash site investigation. Several current landing sites were identified this summer. The presence of alien craft in the atmosphere is therefore not a new event; neither is contact and interaction between aliens and humans. It appears however that concealing their presence is a fundamental part of their modus operandi which raises many important questions about space as an ecosystem

Geoffrey Crockford’s background is scientific research and postgraduate teaching. Before attending London University, he worked for the Atomic Energy Authority at Harwell. After graduating, he joined the Medical Research Council and later in his University career moved to the Department of Occupational Health at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In 1988 he became an independent science consultant with a worldwide clientele of major organisations and companies.

Nigel Hughes, a University of London science graduate following University Nigel worked in several scientific posts before entering a career in Civil Aviation as a pilot. He flew as a jet captain for a major European airline and was a commercial flight instructor and examiner. After a flying career of 24 years he retired from aviation becoming a business and education consultant.

The team will present to the Ammach conference the application of Biolocation techniques as a key to open the way for gathering science based evidence about extra-terrestrial life.

AMMACH Logo projected onto wall of conference courtesy Paul Harvey designer

Human and ET hand in hand – the Ammach Conference 1st Sept 2012


Thanks for supporting this AMMACH EVENT, without you, it could not happen.Thanks
to all those who have expressed continuing good wishes for the Ammach Project,and
our work.There is much more to come-please share this information and event details.

Previous Conference Speakers – 2012

Brittania Hotel, St James St, Nottingham, in the Albany Suite

we are delighted to introduce our speakers

for the first AMMACH conference






Conference Speakers


Dr. YOUNG-HAI CHI – Researcher
The Escalation of the Environmental Crisis & Alien Abductions
.Biography: He was born in South Korea in 1957, and came to the UK to study in 1988. He has been teaching Korean Studies in a university since 1994, his speciality being in both Korean language and political theology. He obtained degrees in International Relations and Theology. His initial interest in Ufology began when he read books by George Adamski, Erich von Däniken, etc., in the early 1980s. He lost interest in the subject whilst studying Eastern religion and philosophy, but interest in aliens and Ufology was rekindled, when he came across the ideas of John Mack and David Jacobs on alien abduction some years ago. Dr Chi is presently writing a book on the relationship between alien abduction and environmental crisis. He is also an avid classical music fan, a flute player, and a night sky watcher.
Synopsis of Presentation
There is an interesting aspect in the phenomenon of alien abduction. Why has it become so frequent in the last fifty years? Why not earlier, or much earlier? I share David Jacobs’s view that at the heart of alien abduction is the production of alien-human hybrids, and yet I do not accept his conclusion that the hybrid project is aimed at colonising human civilisation. Here I suggest an alternative scenario. Aliens have been producing hybrids as a way to respond to the rapidly deteriorating environmental condition of the earth and the possible extinction of human species. I present a few cases of abduction or encounters with aliens in which they appear to treat the environmental problem most seriously, together with three hypotheses about the way in which the hybrid project can be a response to the impending demise of human

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MARK BENNETT– Aetherius Society

The Great Change – Revelations by the gods of space


Aetherius Society



After graduating with a first-class honours degree from Cambridge University, Mark co-authored Prayer Energy (Cico, 2009) and Gods, Guides and Guardian Angels (O Books, 2007) which was voted “best book on spirituality 2007” by readers of Kindred Spirit magazine. He is a director of The Aetherius Society, an international spiritual organisation, whose teachings he chose as his spiritual path at an early age. His varied work includes spreading spiritual wisdom through giving radio interviews and lectures around the UK.

He is an uplifting, dynamic speaker who is known to captivate his audience with radical ideas about how we can all help to make the world a better place.



Synopsis of Presentation

Prophecies of doom are made to be broken. Fate is not fixed. Destiny lies in our own hands. We all have deep within us the Divine potential to rise above materialism, fear, war and suffering, and create a new world of peace, freedom and enlightenment.

In 2012, when some have predicted dire catastrophe, many are turning to ancient writings for answers. In this lecture, discover the wisdom given in more recent years by advanced extraterrestrial beings through contactee Dr George King – a spiritual pioneer, humanitarian and visionary centuries ahead of his time.


Aspects of the Great Change

• Greater awareness that all life is one
• More respect for the living Goddess we call Earth
• Science and religion working together in harmony
• More emphasis on selfless Service
• Spiritual Masters with great powers walking openly among us
• The arrival of a benevolent extraterrestrial intelligence who will prove himself to all humanity



Angels and Demons – the many types of entity



Chantelle has been an Abductee / Contactee / Experiencer from a young child, since she was 7 years of age, and has now had more than 30 years of experiences, of abductions, and it is still ongoing.

Since she was born, she has had heightened senses, abilities which also includes the more mundane, sound and smell, these have grown stronger over the years, she believes this is as a consequence of her experiences. She and her family have experienced a great deal of paranormal activity as well as many sightings over her house of UFOs, and black helicopters.



Synopsis of Presentation

Chantelle’s strong emotions also have an impact kinetically on electronics, electricity and things in general. Premonitions and telepathy are a part of her communication with the spirit world, and the ETs’. She is also able to remote view certain situations, and has had interest from the military in terms of them letting her know; they are more interested in her abilities, than her ET experiences. She has had interactions with a number of different ETs, and angelic types entities, from the tall greys, to the 7’ tall orange morphing beings, that can also shape shift to human form, along with the tall entities with a wide chest red eyes and horns, who also wear body armour, with a snake-like dinosaur face, as well as others. Chantelle will be sharing with us her experiences, and giving an insight into the challenges of such experiences, how they impact upon her life, and that of her son.


DAVE HODRIEN – Birmingham UFO Group (BUFOG)/Researcher

Birmingham UFO Group website:

Speaking with /supporting Chantelle Sabrina Pyper




Dave Hodrien is the both the Chairman of Birmingham UFO Group, and an active UFO investigator since 2008. He has a particular interest in the contact subject and has looked into over 100 contact cases from both theUKand abroad, as well as hundreds of UFO sightings.

Dave feels that the evidence available on the subject, points towards direct and regular interaction between multiple extra-terrestrial species and the human race. As BUFOG chairman, Dave organises regular meetings and lectures, (please check the site for updates). He also runs a regular online support meeting for contactees, which gives them the chance to speak in a secure and confidential environment about their experiences. Dave has done quite a bit of work with Chantelle, which includes her undergoing hypnosis, with hypnotherapist, Robert Trudge. Dave has kindly agreed to help support Chantelle to deliver her presentation, as public speaking can be a nerve racking event.



MIKE ORAM – Experiencer/Photographer/Musician/Author

Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?




Mike is an award-winning landscape photographer, song writer and musician. He is also an experienced lecturer and story-teller and one of his radio interviews was, for some years, the number one requested tape for Local and Hospital Radio.

Mike is the originator and writer of the British strip cartoon: Ben’s World and, most recently, the co-author of The Zen of Ben, a cartoon guide to Life and the Universe. Mike has written and recorded two Ben’s World music CDs, which include songs and stories. Websites: and

Synopsis of Presentation

Mike’s talk will partly focus around the material from his book, Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?, written from the perspective of a lifetime of personal experience with visitors from off-world, both as an investigator and Contactee, and his material from Zen of Ben, his cartoon, Ben’s World. Mike takes a retrospective and a current look at the alien abduction scenario, and includes his amazing abduction incident at Area 51, Nevada, and the DNA symbols for consciousness change, given to him by Light Beings. He will also mention the case he wrote in Alien Interface, about a man who spent three days on a saucer back in 1964. Mike’s three books are: Does It Rain In Other Dimensions?, The Zen of Ben, and Alien Interface.



DAVE GRIFFIN– Exopolitics UK Facilitator/Researcher

Saucer School – Are Visiting ETs Re-booting Terrestrial Language Systems?




Born in the English Midlands, David lived in many areas of theUKand presented the growing aspects of Exopolitics both inBritainand abroad. Despite no long-term background in ‘UFOlogy’ he found this area to be a useful framework with which to view the complexities of contemporary culture.

Academically he managed to obtain a place on BradfordUniversity’s ‘Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution‘ degree course, the year the college was under pressure to shut the course down from then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. He has worked in virtual learning and learning innovation after obtaining an MSc in Interactive Media and Education with emphasis on Human Computer Interaction, but also a variety of areas including NHS support for people with chronic addictions and public policy research with the Joseph Rowntree foundation.

Synopsis of Presentation

Anyone who takes the time to study the complex and often bizarre nature of extraterrestrial intervention with humans on this planet can’t help but stumble across numerous examples of where the evolution of terrestrial knowledge was catalysed using a variety of methods by these various off-world groups. What’s less well known is that an increasingly common aspect of this process interfaces directly at the level where consciousness becomes manifest – that of communication itself.

It appears we’re at cosmic cross-roads as a species – some sort of transition is due which could vastly alter the way we see ourselves and our place in the wider universe. The contact and abduction phenomenon now includes the tutoring of selected people in the structures of language itself – giving those individuals not just the ability to communicate ideas more effectively but also shifting the very nature of communication itself. This presentation aims to explore these novel experiences and ultimately points to a broadening of UFOlogical and Exopolitical enquiry.

The UK Exopolitics Network is part of the global Exopolitics World Net and was established in 2005. David hosts the UK Exopolitical Node – David is also currently on the Advisors’ Board for public policy and media for the Exopolitics Institute who also run a range of well constructed, academic certificates and diplomas in this area.


SIMON PARKES – Experiencer/Author

‘From baby to adult ‘

A whole life; experiencing interaction with the Mantid & Reptilian groups





Simon Parkes is a 50 something year old Experiencer, and was a successful local politician in London for a number of years. Simon left London and moved toWhitby,North Yorkshirein 1999. Simon is active within the British Labour party and is the Chair of his local branch, and in February 2012, won a local council election seat.

Simon’s family have been involved with several arms of the state, his mother worked for MI5 from 1971 until 1979, then had an un-timely death. Simons Grandfather was a prominent and senior British diplomat who held the post of British Consul and was awarded the O.B.E, M.B.E and the C.B.E, a prominent mason and member of Mi6, who turned down a knight hood.

Synopsis of Presentation

Simon has had experiences with ET’s spanning a very long time, his whole life, with pre birth memories, which are primarily with the Mantid race, but also with the Draconis Reptile race. Simon will share with us how this has impacted him, his life, and what he feels he has understood from these experiences, and as contact is still ongoing, where he thinks this may lead. Simon had previously thought of himself as being an abductee, but from November 2010, he began to have conscious memories of what he had experienced, triggered by mundane activities, from these, he realised he had in fact agreed to this – and now sees himself as a Contactee.

Simon is currently writing a book in which a number or his experiences are highlighted.



WIN KEECH – Researcher/Engineer/Innovator

RF-ID and other Animals …

– kjmjbnbk




Win is well known as a Crop Circle and UFO researcher with huge specialist experience as a Low Light Photographer and Videographer … but what is less well known is that he is a significant Innovator and Highly skilled Electrical, Computing and Mechanical Engineer – having been the Chief Technical Officer of several International Companies developing award winning technologies in areas as diverse as Ultrasonic Acoustic Engineering, Computer Authentication and Renewable Energy Generation.

As a Rolls Royce Turbine design specialist he has helped achieve the performance and reliability of some of the World’s most advanced aircraft … if it’s one of ‘Ours’ he quite probably knows its innards intimately … if not, he’d like to. An ex IBM Systems Analyst – as a researcher he balances the spiritual nature and progressive outlook of an Experiencer, drawn to the path of understanding, with the no-nonsense, rigorous and logical approach of a engineer.


Synopsis of Presentation

RF-ID and other Animals: It may be that some of the implants human abductees find, could be some form of RF-ID chip? Win will explain the history, design and capabilities of RF-ID – what are they? What are they be used for? Whose might they be? And, how long might they have been in use? …If so, what are the implications of their use and what might replace them?






CATHI MORGAN – Experiencer/Researcher

Mind Control/population/culture manipulation:

A personal perspective






Cathi Morgan was initially a homemaker, earth mother, ABM voluntary breastfeeding counsellor and carer for her child with cerebral palsy. As her six children grew up she became a musician, did a music degree whilst working as a carer, then was employed as a college community tutor for three years. She bought a small village house with an acre of land and spent a year in a traditional Bulgarian village, learning self sufficiency skills from the locals. On returning to the UK she started a web-design business Qualifications include BA (popular music) and PGCE (fe). Cathi Morgan was triggered to start researching her own background after viewing the testimony of interviewees in the Bases series by Miles Johnston. She focused her research on the UK and feels this is important as in comparison to the USA, there was little available information about anomalous UK events, apart from the Bases series, until AMMACH began.



Synopsis of Presentation

Cathi research uncovers events relating to the UK MKULTRA programme. “My main goal is to bring the truth to light in any way possible, and will be presenting her own life as a case history. Topics covered will include the Tavistock agenda, mind control practices, abuses of power and infiltration of so called subversive groups to quell opposition to the agenda. Other subjects addressed include the UK free festival movement, and it’s links to LSD, CIA and the UK intelligence services. She will be considering historical facts about manipulation and experimentation on the UK population. Cathi was interviewed in June 2011 by Miles Johnston and discusses many of the starting points for her research in the interview, and the enormous amount of supporting evidence she has discovered during the past year that supports her theories.






The listing may be subject to change

The speakers are not listed in order of appearance



this may change without prior notice

Saturday 1st September 2012



Assorted Wraps

Selection of Salads

Poached Salmon

Guacamole & Tortilla Chips

Jacket potatoes & Crème Fraiche

Fresh Fruit Salad








9.30am – 10.45am


Aetherius Society


The Great Change:

Revelations by the Gods of Space


10.50am – 12.00pm




RF-ID and other animals

12.00pm – 12.20pm




12.25pm – 1.45pm



with Dave Hodrien researcher – BUFOG

Angels & Demons

the many types of entity

1.45pm – 2.45pm




2.50pm – 4.10pm




A life with the Mantid & Reptilian groups



4.15pm – 5.30pm



Incl. Mind Control

Mind Control – A personal Perspective


5.30pm – 7.10pm



Does It Rain in Other Dimensions?


This listing is subject to change without notice


7. 15 pm – 8.10pm



The escalation of the environmental crisis & increased alien abductions

8 – 9.25pm


Researcher/Exopolitics UK


Alien Language
99.25 pm- 9.35pmClosing remarks and all welcome to a visit to the pub for a well deserved drink afterwards…