About The ET Newsroom

The ET Newsroom is a unique UK resource for Experiencers.

The precursor to ETN was AMMACH, which started life on the 23 January 2011.

Founded by Joanne Summerscales who has had a long term interest in those experiences of humanity that encompass areas that challenge us the most, the anomalous, the spiritual, the paranormal. The subjects which are still treated by society at large, as being on the outer edges and still very much unacknowledged as anything meaningful, and usually ridiculed by mainstream (‘conventionals’). These areas include; the human experience in terms of what is known as alien/ET/ED interaction/abduction and contactees; the hidden history of humanity and genetics, ancient origins, alternative energy systems, health/illness management and the extensive area of ufological, including the Exopolitical arena, which seeks full official disclosure, which will, should it happen, have a profound impact on every area of life; social, religious, political, economical et all.

Disclosure of these matters is fiercely fought by the powers-that-be, ensuring that those who dare think outside the box, or those who question, debate and challenge the status quo as being ‘normal’ (is war normal?) are treated as crackpots, conspiracy theorist-types, and consequently labelled as having terrorist tendencies, mentally challenged, part of the lunatic fringe and otherwise ridiculed by society in general and peers and family.

This is a scenario that would have only the most courageous and sometimes desperate step forward to disclose personal experiences involving for them, the reality of encounters and experiences with anomalous mind management; other dimensional intelligences, races, and beings that we have yet to know in the public arena. It is for these Experiencers for whom ETN offers a point of open-minded contact, a sympathetic ear as a starting point.

Disclosure with Exposure, is a main theme within ETN, the documenting of an experiencer’s story for research purposes, to educate and inform the people, to put into words a greater awareness of the human experience, is an integral part of what ETN seeks to do. And, unlike the stance of the UKs ex PM, Mrs Thatcher, who said “you cant tell the people” – We will tell the people! Through encouraging people to come forward and speak about their experiences, it is equally important that Experiencers feel safe and able to discuss what they have been through confidentially, if that is what they want, such material will be shared down the line in the form of written and audio material where these testimonies can remain anonymous, whilst the public and interested parties can learn more of the nature of this anomalous area of life. Others who do take that leap of faith and speak on camera, will be supporting and helping others to have courage and feel less isolated and alone, and continue to keep this important area open for discussion. Material for a book series called the ‘Encounters with ALiens,’ cases from the Files of Joanne Summerscales, featuring UK Experiences as well as others shared from around the planet will factor in the mix of this material.

About Joanne Summerscales

Project photo by Robert Weatherburn.


JOANNE: Initially trained in media-orientated subjects, and worked in television production as well as theatre. A keen interest in health and wellness, led to training in healing, and research, (she is a member of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers), she also trained with Harry Oldfield in Electro Crystal Therapy, studied and taught meditation and a Quantum Field therapy using guided visualisation relating to adverse patterns and triggers – the aim of which is to clear these blocking patterns, which often leads the client to a regression experience. Her experience encompasses media production, event/theatre production, writing, directing and teaching, (she has a teaching qualification), she did bereavement counselling for three years as a volunteer in a hospice. She has also given presentations over the years, on these and allied subjects. She has written two books, which she hopes publishers will take up, featuring her case files, and an ex-soldiers true story of alien abduction. Further interests lie in the areas of research into alternative technology and self help techniques that aid in stress management.

In a couple of therapy cases, experiences emerged for clients that were ‘other than human’. Ongoing interest in reality/consciousness and the soul journey as an integral aspect of the human experience has led to this initiative. Joanne has also written a high-tech, musical, theatrical production, around the subject of ET’s, called 5th Dimension, which is waiting in the wings for the right investor angels! In 2014 she started The Ammach Files, an internet radio show hosted by www.peoplesinternetradio.com, The programme featuring Experiencers, abductees, contactees, whistleblowers and researchers.

Life experiences have taken her to witness and experience psychic surgeons of the Philippines, and in 2011, she went on a sacred journey to the Amazon to experience Ayahuasca. This snippet of her life gives just a flavour – she is looking to broaden the scope of ETN.


The helpline; 0795 1752 813 is a confidential free service and available to anyone in the UK. It is a port of call, where anyone who would like to talk about their experiences, anonymously if preferred, can do so, without fear, knowing they will be speaking to someone with researched background knowledge, and experience in communication, with a view to supporting well being. info@theetnewsroom.com or to arrange a Skype meeting Skype address: theetnewsroom

We also welcome any DONATIONS, and enquires/contact from genuine and serious healthcare professionals , geneticists, or other sciences, who are interested in supporting those who have such experiences, with further research. Please share this information

And …

Like any project, the right people, with big hearts, clever minds, insightful souls and the will to make it happen is what gets anything out there, and ETN is no different, we want to say how grateful we are to those who have come forward to be part of the ETN TEAM, whether for a moment, or for ‘as long as it takes,’ it is true to say we could not have done it without you, and to those who will yet join in supporting us, we thank you for your generosity.