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The first AMMACH conference was pared down to just one day, but nonetheless was an excellent and successful event. The Britannia Hotel in Nottingham provided excellent fare, it was beautifully presented, and they were extremely helpful, which added in measure to the success.


Ammach Conference Logo designed by Paul Harvey of Exopolitics UK

Ammach Conference Logo 1st September 2012

We started a few minutes after 9.30am and didn’t finish until 10.30pm. So everyone had value for money, a comfortable venue, and plenty of good refreshments throughout the day, along with a line up of well presented and well thought out, fascinating presentations.

… And those who spoke for the first time are to be congratulated.

Dr Young Hae-Chi Presentation: The Environmental Crisis and the Rise in Alien Abduction – Ammach Conference 2012


Chantelle supported by Dave Hodrien – her presentation ‘Angels or Demons’ It took a great deal of courage for Chantelle to do this talk, and she did a great job.

Cathi Morgan – Mind control a Personal Perspective and the strange case of her journey to the conference …. at Nottingham Station Cathi met some Russians and others, having a coffee, who told her about PROJECT OAK TREE and other information, personal to her about mind control issues…how they operate, and manipulate …

Beautiful lighting for the presentations and conference it took some many hours to set up, and was all worth it, and thanks to our new friends in Germany, Lynn and Christian Bittener, who came and found us, and helped us with all that, and bought us dinner afterwards, how lovely! Thank you muchly…

Lynn & Christian Bittner 2012 Ammach Conference with Joanne

Lynn & Christian Bittner 2012 Ammach Conference with Joanne

We also had another couple of freelance production people there, who had come through the media company;

Freelancers in from

VICE.COM, and who had filmed a well done interview with David Icke. They were interested in meeting Experiencers for interview down the road.

Delegates at the Ammach Conference 2012 at the Britannia Hotel, Nottingham

Conference presentation

One of the delegates, Ben Emlyn-Jones of Hospital Porters Against the New World Order or HPANWO tv made a reportage of our 10 speakers (including an impromtu presentation by Colin Woolford – on Hollywood and ET) given during the lunch time break. Here is the link to the reports: ..

Filming and cameras at the Ammach Conference

Delegates at the Ammach Conference 1st Sept 2012

Ammach Conference logo – reaching for conscious contact Designed by Paul Harvey of



1st Speaker – AETHERIUS SOCIETY with MARK BENNETT . The 1st AMMACH Conference held in Nottingham on Sept 1st 2012, kicks off with the Aetherius Society

// 2nd Speaker WINSTON KEECH – Researcher – RF-ID and other animals

RF-id and Other Animals, a presentation by Winston Keech at the first AMMACH Conference in Nottingham in September,2012 Win details the history of the spying chip RFid technology, his detailed knowledge and involvement. He features some of his extensive photo data on the multiplicity of UFO and related objects in Wales in animal mutilation, and triangualr craft using infra-red and frame capture technology.

.. 3rd Speaker CHANTELLE SABRINA PYPER – Angels & Demons with DAVE HODRIEN from BUFOG Due to the banning of this vital presentation in German countries, due to a short piece of music. So no music and no excuse to ban it in German countries, also note that some AMMACH videos have been censored. . This is Chantelle giving her very first public presentation with Birmingham UFO Group’s Dave Hodrtien, at the 1st AMMACH conference in Sept 2012 . .

The AMMACH Project is now requesting Donations if it is to continue.

4th speaker SIMON PARKES -Mantids, Reptiles & Hangers on

Simon Parkes discusses many issues of British intelligence, the history of his family as Illuminati, the abdication crisis, and the detailed issues of several non human races and dimensions. He is a politician, family man and has had life long experience from the cot with ‘others’.

5th Speaker CATHI MORGAN – Mind Control in the UK

The AMMACH Conference Cathi Morgan presentation on Mind Control in the UK. Cathi gives a highly detailed follow up to her AMMACH interview from 2011. This factual and Personal account is a detailed briefing. This illustrates the shocking state of institutional mind control over a hundred years in the UK. Features MK-Ultra and other programs running in the UK. (apology for poor PA system)


6th Speaker MIKE ORAM – Does It Rain in other Dimensions

The AMMACH Project presentation with implantee, abductee, author and song writer Mike Oram, who is very ill, after his last encounters, “Come Now or die a slow death” – happy friendly “aliens”. His talk is “Does it Rain in Other Dimensions”, based on his book of the same name.

Mike had an infamous Military or MILAB event at Area 51, when he was presenting at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin, Nevada some years ago., He describes a similar “portal event” near his home in England’s Lake District. Other data shows that the Lake District area is a a major nonhuman zone, where the whole population there is subject to continual abduction. He describes a similar “many legged” centipede type implant, removed from a lump in his back. ,similar to Alistair Martin and Dave Marrow implants.

He also shows many high quality stills of thousands of Orbs leaving the ground for space. Thanks to original slides from his powerpoint we show these in full detail. Featuring some songs by Mike

7th Speaker DR YOUNG HAE-CHI -The Environmental Crisis & the increase of Alien Abduction

Dr Young is from a prominant UK University,this thesis is on the relationship between Climate Change and ET Abduction. He includes startling figures on the demise of humanity, and features a stark warning from Marie Kayali, and what she was shown by the ETs she was taken by.

8th speaker – DAVID GRIFFIN – Saucer School – Alien Language

Impromptu lunch time speaker – COLIN WOOLFORD – Music, Movies & Metaphors

(relating to the ufo/ET subject)

Ammach lunchtime presentation Music Movies & Metaphors with Colin Woolford at the first AMMACH Conference held at Nottingham’s Britannia Hotel. Colin focuses on the illuminati aspects of the film genre, and how close it mirrors reality. Colin was able to give a 2nd informal version of this at the UFO Academy a few weeks later. Not ideal lighting or presentation facilities, but its the full version, with far sharper visuals from the screen. This version was only as the cameras ran, during lunch, as it was unscheduled.