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ETN – Experiencer OPEN MIC Night – PR RELEASE/INFO

Come share your story! This unique event provides an opportunity for those EXPERIENCERS who might not have thought about sharing their story before, to do so, and because this is something of a ‘taster,’ the mic session will be in the region of 15 minutes per person, though with leeway to add time if possible. So, with that in mind, it is not such a challenge, rather more a karaoke evening, except it’s not (necessarily) songs that are being sung, but stories told. This is the first event of its kind, and it should be fascinating, as well as a great social occasion, where experiencers can meet and chat with one another. Those with an interest, who are non-experiencers are also welcome, and those who have experienced extraordinary paranormal events, as so many are part of the abduction encounter/experience. This is not a closed event.

The OPEN MIC night is being held at the beautiful (Best Western 3*) Royal Victoria Hotel, on the Marina in St Leonards on Sea, East Sussex, (details below), it has some room deals on occasion, if you make reservations early enough if you want to explore that idea. It is situated in a popular location near the Azur restaurant and bar, with stunning sea views, and within a short walk of other bars and restaurants and local pubs.

The Experiencer OPEN MIC night takes place on Saturday July 29th 2017 from 7-11pm, and for those of you coming from farther afield, you might want to take the opportunity to make a weekend of it in this historic location, 1066 country, with beautiful countryside, and ancient old towns like Rye less than an hour away. There are numerous B&Bs, and of course Air BnB.
AFTER EVENT MEAL: if people want to continue talking after we finish at the hotel (the bar at the hotel closes at 11pm), we can arrange to go on to a restaurant, there are Indian and others within a relatively short walk. If there several who want to go, a reservation will have to be made and names and numbers will be needed on booking, so be sure to state you want to do that if so.

Tickets/Places are £15.00 per person, (there will be some nibbles and water provided, anything else is available at the bar, or bring your own). Booking a place is via PAYPAL at if you want to arrange another way of paying please email or phone the ETN helpline on 0795 1752 813 and Joanne can help with any further information. The booked space is not very large, so will be on a first come, first served basis.

The room at the time of writing is in the Tennyson Room on the ground floor with disabled access and toilets. If that room changes, the event will still be on the ground floor in another room close by, and updates will be made nearer the time on the Facebook page here & The ETNewsroom website

View and book rooms.

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VenueThe Royal Victoria Hotel
The Royal Western Hotel.

Train to either Hastings, St Leonards Warrior Square, or West St Leonards, all are a short taxi ride from the hotel, Hastings being the furthest point. There is parking nearby which is a pay & display, and some free parking if you are lucky to find it!
Doors will open at 6.30pm for a 7pm start. Joanne Summerscales, founder of The ET Newsroom will give a short overview and presentation followed by your participation.
Register your interest in speaking
We look forward to seeing you there, and for those who are coming with a view to be part of the OPEN MIC please can you register your interest to do so, and when booking, indicate you will be speaking, providing a brief line or two if possible about your experience, thought this is not mandatory. We need to know how many people would like to share, and want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to do that.

NB Please share this information, and support this event, as this is about creating more awareness in the public domain about the Experiencer Experience, the impact it has, the aftermath and implications this has for the individual, because it’s important that others know and understand, and this will help as a therapeutic tool, enabling you to enjoy being in an environment and atmosphere which is supportive and unbiased, all this as well as having a great time!

NOTICE – Due to unforeseen events the ET Cosmic Connexions Festival 2017 has been postponed. However, if there is interest in collaboration – please feel free to contact me.


Update – The ET Cosmic Connexions Festival has had to be postponed…it may well like the Phoenix re-appear.  The concept remains as is, and I leave information about it for future reference. And will post here in time, information on other developing aspects of the work.

Overview: This multi-media presentation would include musical performances, presentations, art and media (short film/documentaries), a departure from the conference style method of sharing information. Having produced four (Ammach) conferences, provided various workshops, and other non-ET related conferences and shows over the years including a West End show, I was looking for a different kind of platform.

The arts is part of my early background,  from my own research with those who have had encounters of one kind or another, there is a wealth of pronounced talent within the experiencer family field. I wanted to find a format to showcase these talents, often heightened as a result of ET encounter experiences.

This ‘world first’ unique event would have been the first to showcase the talents of those who have had interactions with ET and related beings.

The location on the Gower Peninsula, South Wales, was withdrawn creating potential opportunities for different venues for a similar event as conditions allow. The festival, slated to take place over three days Friday to Sunday, 8-10th September 2017, hosting a 1000 people, with  tents for presentations/meetings.

  • Screening tent – for short (film/docs)
  • Meeting tent
  • Art Exhibition tent
  • A health & Wellness tent (10 min massages, therapies etc)
ET Cosmic Connexions Festival


Merrell Fankhauser who was to headline the festival has had to withdraw due to injury sadly, but we may be able to reschedule in the future. Merrell gained fame when he wrote Wipe Out, the iconic instrumental surf/beach song way back, and after an encounter with a UFO developed an interest in the subject. His song ‘Calling From a Star’ is featured on a Russian album that celebrates sixty years of Russian space flight, this year, and the British label Gonzo Multi Media is re-releasing his albums in the UK this year.
Grant Cameron the remarkable award winning Canadian researcher sharing talking about ‘The influence of ET on music’, which will be pre-recorded for safety.  This presentation will still be recorded.
Steve Boucher  a Canadian musician who as a teenager in 1971 was taken/abducted, along with most of his band, his extraordinary story will be pre-recorded for safety, followed by some of his music.
Bill Brooks spent most of his working life as  a professional musician and singer, playing pubs and clubs. He has recently co-authored his own stranger than fiction story with Joanne Summerscales of ETN, about his own astonishing encounters and story. (See book tab). Bill is a lead guitarist and will be taking us down memory lane with songs from the 50s and 60s.
Daniel Bowskill Experiencer, is a talented singer songwriter,  and our very own Bob Marley tribute, though his vocal skills and styles are many.
Rebecca Hardcastle Phd Experiencer  (Founder of the Institute of Exo-consciousness) comes all the way over from the US to talk about her initiative and work with aspects of Future relations with ET, and she will spend some time sharing with us her conclusions about what the future may hold for us as we become ever more entwined in relationships and encounters with other beings from what or which dimension may be hard to pin down. She has extensive knowledge of the subject and is an experiencer.
Joanne Summerscales will feature three or four songs from her ET related musical 5th Dimension….as Arry (the reptilian) goes against his father’s wishes, he is thrown out of the creation plane and in fury sets about with his minions, marauding throughout the universes, causing chaos and mayhem generally, as he sets his sights on planet Earth…Dan Bowskill plays  Arry, with a backing vocal group of four greys.
Daniel and Jo Valleley Experiencer.  This brother and sister team play a mean ukulele and favour the Beatles genre.
Nik Marchmont and Jess have an exciting presentation to help us understand how sacred geometries impact our human system, how we can become derailed with the pressures of life, and how we can re-connect. They will be demonstrating their methods of re-connection using such geometries.

GOFUNDME Campaign: Meanwhile, please do consider donating to the ongoing work of ETN and help support this vital work and research, which serves to help us understand some of what the interaction and communication means for us all in time to come. Many thanks in advance.


The helpline; 0795 1752 813 is a confidential free service and available to anyone in the UK. It is a port of call, where anyone who would like to talk about their experiences, anonymously if preferred, can do so, without fear, knowing they will be speaking to someone with researched background knowledge, and experience in communication, with a view to supporting well being. or to arrange a Skype meeting Skype address: theetnewsroom

We also welcome any DONATIONS, and enquires/contact from genuine and serious healthcare professionals , geneticists, or other sciences, who are interested in supporting those who have such experiences, with further research. Please share this information

And …

Like any project, the right people, with big hearts, clever minds, insightful souls and the will to make it happen is what gets anything out there, and ETN is no different, we want to say how grateful we are to those who have come forward to be part of the ETN TEAM, whether for a moment, or for ‘as long as it takes,’ it is true to say we could not have done it without you, and to those who will yet join in supporting us, we thank you for your generosity.