ETN is proud to present a unique and exciting new concept album called Eklectia!, the brainchild of Joanna Summerscales, founder of The ET, featuring the exceptional talents of international musicians whose contributions belong not to a genre of a musical style but rather echo distinct experiences, known under the umbrella term of experiencer.

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Eklectia  – The extraordinary experiences include contact, abduction, and encounters with what some call aliens, ETs, extra-terrestrials, off worlders, the ancients and some believe, ancestors. Those who have these life changing encounters, frequently experience thereafter, heightened awareness and skill in certain natural attributes as well as developing an unexpected interest and ability in subjects ranging from quantum physics, exotic technology to healing and spiritual development. Eklectia has it all!

This inspired album Eklectia is a testament to the talents of the experiencer musician/singer song writer. The Eklectia album will go out as a double, headlined by Merrell Fankhauser, of surf rock – ‘Wipe Out’ fame, possibly followed by a series of volumes, under the same title. Many thanks to Merrell for his enthusiastic ongoing support, and the air play and PR he will be securing in California, along with featuring it on his TV show, Tiki Lounge. The art work for the album is based on the Beatles’ iconic Sargent Pepper album cover which will feature the great and the good of the UFO world past and present, along with Joanne and the album contributors front row.

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