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Ammach aims to provide a port of call in the first instance, to support Experiencers wishing to come forward, and a sympathetic ear which is also seen as a vital part of healing, often needed as a result of such events. Supportive information and links will be available, via the website and updated as and when possible.

Ammach provides a public platform for Experiencers to share their story, in their own words, uncensored, foremost through recorded testimony which is uploaded and presented on You Tube, the Ammach website, and other relevant media. This critical work is a vital component in understanding and revealing humanity’s true history and role as a participant in the wider cosmos, for the deeper realisation of the human process and empowerment.

Ammach comes from a point of empathy and serious research, and whilst we seek to put testimonies and comments in the public domain, equally, Experiencers can contact Ammach knowing that confidentiality is respected, and that all testimonies in the public domain are there because of the expressed agreement of the Experiencer.

After trialling four closed meetings (to the public), which were by invitation only and were an opportunity for Experiencers to meet with others of like mind, the uptake was not enough to warrant the continued output of energy in organisation, time and effort, so I hope that instead of closed meetings, Ammach will endeavour to host conferences to bring together Experiencers, and employ the use of an extended open mic session at the end, where people can share what has been happening for them as researchers and Experiencers.


It is in the nature of humankind when presented with material they do not understand, find challenging or have difficulty assimilating into their personal and world view, to find a place of safety. Some will respond with disbelief and outrage, if they do not ignore it, some will attack to maintain ‘safety’; such self-defence mechanisms are often expressed in the form of ridicule, undermining others, character assassination, and a concerted effort to convince others in their sphere of influence to the same opinion, or worse.

Such people display a lack of humanity, awareness, and their behaviour shows obvious influence by the overarching control mechanisms that would keep humanity in the dark ages, bludgeoned, burdened and bowed by the powers that be, for all time. Whilst such ignorance can deflect or deter, the fact is, nothing can stop the truth.

Those who do step forward to share their extraordinary experiences, who dare to put their head above the parapet, or step out of the crowd, do so generally at great personal cost. Experiencers have a difficult and challenging situation to come to terms with also. But like all great explorers and wayshowers before them, others will recognise their integrity and truth.

This is as big as it gets.

What Experencers share has important implications for the development of humanity, providing another piece of our evolutionary jigsaw puzzle. We acknowledge that it takes great courage to speak openly about this and related subjects. Ammach recognises and appreciates this and salutes all those who come forward to share publicly. Thank you for your bravery,


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