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Our First Year

Welcome to the first Ammach newsletter, and many thanks go to all the wonderful people who have been in contact with us, it has indeed, been an interesting and fruitful year, which saw our first filmed meeting held on Friday evening, May 13th in Nottingham.

Our second meeting held in London, at the home of Belinda McKenzie, on Saturday August 27th was a daylong event, with filmed catch up comments about our progress, and introduction of interested parties invited to attend. In the afternoon, we filmed testimonials; this day long format worked well, giving everyone time to relax and share with each other without the camera.

We also had a small get together, Sunday December 18th in London, at Joanna Iatridou’s place, however, there was no room for cameras or interviews, and, for future times, we will ensure that filming ability is a factor at all meetings, as that is an important part of our work, and if we want to meet socially without cameras, we can. Our first anniversary was Monday January 23rd 2012, we may not have marked it, but in any event, we have our work as legacy so far, a testimony and witness to it.


Thank you to those who have participated in the creation of an important body of work that are the filmed one to one interviews and filmed testimonials of our meetings, and also for those who have shared experiences via email and phone. We appreciate and understand the courage that it takes to come forward and work with us, and we hope too, that in response, we have provided a safe, sympathetic environment, supporting what you have to say in a professional, friendly way, that best represents you and the information that has come from the experiences. The comments and gratitude that people have expressed in the positive far outweighs the usual sceptic, thoughtless and negative, these latter are to be expected and part of the life play. The beneficial impact our/your work is having on the larger community is gratifying, and whilst we are focussing on the UK, we have had contact from other countries wanting to share their stories, validating some of the Ammach Interviewees, and finding solace in what we have presented, these have come from the U.S., Canada, Australia, South Korea, Czech Republic and France.

The Interviewees: By December 2011, Ammach had filmed and uploaded to YouTube, the following 1-1 interviews; (9 in total), generally in 2 x 2 hour sessions; Cathi Morgan, Amy Miller, Simon Parkes, (plus a discussion with Win Keech, and a therapy session with Simon), Marie Kayali, Joanna Iatridou, Sacha Christie, Reshad Nawoor, Jeff Scott and our last of 2011, Tony Topping. The meeting contributions by Experiencers added to the developing field of information, as we seek to better understand what these interactions mean for humanity, and why some are subject to these experiences, whilst others are not, and where this is taking human and planetary evolution.

Technical Challenges:

These have been on going and we lost nearly all of the early edits due to two hard drives going down, and a seemingly endless stream of other hitches and glitches that put the production of material way behind, and of course folks, we are not funded, so all that we do is done in our own time, and when we can, and Miles has made some truly herculean efforts to ensure that the latest material was ‘out there’ before we turned another year, and spent early January re-doing the lost work, which all takes a whole lot of time, but where there is Guinness, there is hope!!

DNA Testing: One or two of our Experiencers said they would be happy to have a DNA test, and one person in particular has reason to believe that non-human DNA has already been found when they had a test done some years ago, and has tried to access their medical records, with little result, which I told them would be a likely outcome, however, they want to retest to find out for certain, and this would surely be not the smoking gun, but the gun….I was in touch with Lloyd Pye ( and he was very helpful, with his now fairly extensive knowledge of DNA testing for the starchild skull.

Lloyds email is interesting, and a copy of what he wrote is below:


It really doesn’t take much money or effort to see if a living person is “unusual.” All they need is a recovery of their mitochondrial DNA. Don’t bother with nuclear, which is extensive and expensive. Mitochondrial is enough, and it’s only 16,569 base pairs per mitochondrion.

Just find a local DNA analysis lab and ask what the cost would be for a mitochondrial DNA analysis. Shouldn’t be much. That will tell right away if they are normal or abnormal. Normal humans have a maximum of 120 differences or mutations in those 16,569 base pairs. Anything less than that is normal. Anything well over, it is abnormal.

If you want a small education on this, please read the final 50 pages of the complimentary copy of the Starchild Essentials eBook attached. That should educate you and your friend about what mtDNA analysis is all about. Okay?


Once again, we are not funded and don’t have the ability to pay for this at the moment, however we have found a lab that can do the testing, and this is the information they sent by email:

Priority Forensic/DNA Services

Priority Investigations Limited

PO Box 266 Belfast BT5 4AQ UK

T: 028 9442 8284 – F: 028 9442 8370

E: –

UK Registered NI39707 – DPA Registered – OFT/CCL Licensed

R/O 248 Upper Newtownards Rd, Belfast, BT4 3EU


Thanks for your inquiry through our website.

Ian (D. Withers)

We can run a single mtDNA HVR 1 & 2,

Cost: UK£140 + VAT

TAT: Approx. 7/10 days

The information below may not be specifically relevant, but I include it out of interest.

Costs for Mitochondrial DNA (Based on 2 Sisters) currently cost UK Pounds 250 + VAT – Additional Subjects £75 + VAT. We can attend at most addresses for an additional £50 + VAT, or you can visit our nearest local representatives premises to provide the Samples (swabs)

We will need from you at the time of the appointment:

a) Positive ID – Passport or Drivers Licence or similar for each Party to be tested.

b) Buccal Swab (Inner mouth swab) for each Party which our Sampler will take.

We then send these to the Lab for processing and comparative testing.

This takes approx. 7/10 working days; we will call you with the result as soon as we hear from the Lab. The Lab will then send the Notarised Result Report from the Scientist who undertook the Lab work direct to your address. Please do let us know, or if anyone does any other research and finds a lab willing to work with us. We will report any findings we make.

In the pipeline: We have some really wonderful material to disseminate, especially from the emails, and that is a task, which we hope to do for inclusion of The Ammach Files, and as an audio, and the texts will eventually go on the website, which is a work in progress. We are delighted to welcome Katherine McLoughlin, a Canadian Experiencer, aboard, she had kindly offered to help write and orchestrate getting the Ammach Files together. If anyone feels they would like to bring their area of expertise or interest to the work we are doing, please do let us know.

We were contacted by a lecturer from Oxford University, Dr Young-hae Chi, (pictured with Miles on the left), who is researching material for his book which will be a first for South Korea, on the subject of the burgeoning environmental crisis and the ramping up in frequency of ‘alien abduction,’ he deduces that this is certainly not any kind of coincidence. Dr Chi met one or two people at our December meeting, and will be invited to our next gathering.

The Czech Republic, Exopolitics group via Karel Rasin sent in some questions for Simon Parkes, which we will be sharing in due course, we look forward to linking with them in future times, and sharing cross country research.

Press: Joanne did a brief interview with a local paper called the Ripley and Heanor News, based in Ripley, Derbyshire, Dec 27th, an article by Paul Lynch covers a variety of subjects, headed by reports of local Panther sightings. He had filed an FOIA about sightings of UFOs in that area, and found two were deemed to be unknowns, so Ammach gets a mention, and but he hopes to do a feature article in the new year.



Scroll down the page for Ammach, and although it was not too bad a piece, not only did they manage to spell my name incorrectly, they didn’t get everything right, which is par for the course, in this media format!

I would ask everyone who is interested in this conference, whether they are attending/speaking/participating or not, to please contact your local paper/radio college, University and let them know about this event, call in to your radio station, let them know, and if they need an interview with us, we will arrange that. Get a letter, article or interview with your local paper yourself, let them know this is a unique event in the UK.

Conference: Joanne is now working on the foundations of the first Ammach Conference whose overarching title will be Disclosure through Exposure, an Experiencer’s Perspective, which will be filmed.

Where? The conference will take place in Robin Hood country, Nottingham, a city centre location, with room for 500+ delegates, at:

(1 St James Street, Nottingham, NG1 6BN Tel: 0871 474 2755 | Fax: 0871 222 7728) the hotel is well served by all kinds of transport, from plane, train, bus and tram, with good parking close by for approximately £11 per 24 hours discounted rate, via the hotel, the hotel is a minimum fare ride from the train station, and the tram goes from the train station, the market place stop being the nearest, with only a 5 minute walk to the hotel (true, I’ve walked it)…There are plenty of good B & Bs around Nottingham, and hotels, do share any good finds you have, we will have an Ammach Conference Facebook page also. The hotel has around 160 rooms, and their best rates are on line.

We will endeavour to make this an unforgettable, fabulous, enlightening, enjoyable, and revelatory experience for all. This is a unique opportunity to meet Experiencers themselves, and hear straight from ‘the horse’s mouth,’ first-hand, their incredible reports, along with other researchers in the field. This is a remarkable event – one not to be missed!

Timing: The event takes place over 3 dates, beginning on Friday 31st August 2012. Delegates arrive in the afternoon to register, registration will be open from 4pm – 6.30pm, the conference gets underway with a networking, social event starting at 7pm in the Albany Suite, the table sharing platter will cost £12 per head, which must be paid for in advance, usually at the same time when purchasing your ticket(s).

The evening will start with an opening welcome, giving an overview of what will be happening during the weekend, followed by the John Mack Memorial Lecture, then from 9pm onwards, there will be an opportunity to let your hair down, party, socialise, and network the rest of the evening with music to dance and chill out to, kindly provided by our fantastic resident Graphic artist/logo creator, Paul Harvey. The bar is open till late.

Registration: Saturday 1st September, and Sunday 2nd September, will be open from 8.30am, and presentations will start at 9.30 sharp; and come to a close around 6.30 and 7pm, depending on the presenter, then after a dinner break, at 8.30pm, we are presenting a film night, screening fascinating material, or maybe even a surprise premier! This is an added extra, all are welcome, donation required. Bar open till late.

Volunteers: We will be updating developments over the coming months, and anyone who would like to help us in organising or supporting the event, please do let us know. We are looking for 3 people to help per day with registration, and a further 3 people to help to orientate people, ie help direct people as needed to areas and facilities, with any information during the conference, to collect raffle monies, and be around during the whole event.

We would ask those who do join us as volunteer support staff, to have a smart casual dress code, black trousers, and we hope to supply an Ammach T-shirt, which is yours to keep, and you might want a jacket, there will be identification provided, so people know who you are. Email Joanne if you are interested and for more details.

If anyone is a First Aider, and would be interested in being on standby, again, do let us know.

Speakers: We are getting our list of between 10 and 12 speakers confirmed, the majority of presentations will be by Experiencers, making this an invaluable and exciting opportunity to hear first hand some of the life-changing and impacting events that inspired this conference, all living in the UK. They are supported by presentations on allied and relevant subjects including health and wellness by non-Experiencers. Confirmation and back up speakers to be announced in the near future.

We are establishing two special elements to the conference, one, is at Miles suggestion, and a great one, that we initiate ‘The John Mack Memorial Lecture’ the first one, will be a salute to this wonderful man, and will be a presentation of his work, and in future times subjects will reflect research that is going on, making headway and making a difference.

Our second feature will be an award, commemorating another great contributor to the field, Budd Hopkins, who died August 21 2011, and at the suggestion of our resident artist, Jack Mason, we will have the inauguration of; ‘The Budd Hopkins Award for Contributions to the Field’. (Recipient yet to be confirmed – we are happy to hear about your suggestions). We intend to firmly place this much ignored and side-lined field, onto the map of serious of research.

Exhibitors: There are only 20 spaces/tables available for sale/demonstrations – each space is a flat rate of £70 for the whole event. Please contact us asap if you would like to reserve your space, and pay for your Exhibitor Table (provided). This is also an opportunity for people offering therapies to offer 10-15 minute taster sessions too. Payments can be made via Paypal on our website

Raffle: Ammach Fund Raiser: both Saturday and Sunday we will be holding a raffle, to be drawn after the last speaker of the day, to raise funds for the work we are doing, and pay for some DNA tests; the prizes are great: Tickets £2.00

First Prize: A copy of one of Jack Mason’s fabulous pieces of art, A3 size, on canvas

Second Prize: A framed or canvas style copy of one of the conference posters by

Jack Mason with Paul Harvey’s layout and logo design.

Third Prize: A set of Ammach Interviews on DVD

Fourth Prize: An Ammach T shirt

Ticket Cost: We have worked to keep the ticket cost to a minimum, to support everyone; there will be a 10% discount for those on disability or benefit, (proof required). To attend the Friday evening event you must be attending the conference.

Payment can be made online at our website

via Paypal, for other methods of payment, please ask.

All tickets include lunch – a light finger buffet, and at breaks, tea, coffee, water

A weekend ticket is £80.00 + £12 for the Friday evening food

A single day ticket is £50.00 + £12 for the Friday evening food

If you can support us with an Early Bird booking the first 50 weekend tickets sold

will receive an Ammach DVD on arrival


The Ammach Conference 2012

Disclosure with Exposure


Experiencer’s Perspective

Getting the word out there – It won’t happen otherwise!

Please do what you can to support this unique event

Copy, send forward: Posters and Flyers & Internet banners

We would be grateful if you could print off and distribute as you are able, send on to any mailing list, tell your local TV/Radio station, get an interview, write an article, send it out to magazines, colleges, universities, associated/interest groups/parties/societies. Put the Internet banners on to your own websites, pass them on, and we will have the most superb event.

See you there…

We are really looking forward to welcoming you to this first ever dedicated Experiencer-orientated conference and anyone from the press or professional medical bodies or institutions that would like to contribute, make enquiries on input, or support this event, is welcome, and as usual, we can be contacted by email:

or the helpline is 0795 1752 813