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A new support group starts in Dorset


I had hoped that there would have been a few independent Experiencer Support Groups developed, but this has not been the case, however, after the April 2013 conference, some wonderful people decided they would do just that, and as of July 2013, we have a new Ammach Support group in Dorset, and their contact email is – if you live in the area, and would like to contact them, please do, Heather or Michael, and you will get a warm and friendly welcome.

,Ammach Meeting 10.11.12 Highgate London

If you run your own support group, please do let me know so I can let others know, and if you are thinking of starting a support group which can be run any way you choose, with or without any Ammach input, I am happy to speak to you about it, and to help if possible. If you feel, like the Dorset Support Group that having Ammach involved, by name at least, and for support for your group itself is what you would like, then send an email to with SUPPORT GROUP + AREA in the subject line

For those running support groups, please do feed back how the group does, what has come from them, and anything you think may be of interest. Ammach is always expanding and growing in different directions, and is happy to have Associates on board.