Are You An Alien Abduction Experiencer?

You might be here because you believe you have been through, or are currently experiencing: Abduction by extra terrestrials/other than human beings (ETs), inter dimensional entities (IDEs), extra dimensional entities (EDEs), and perhaps some intelligences you feel a kinship with. If this is the case, you are an Alien Contactee or Abductee. The word ‘alien’ is not an accurate description, but used generally for lack of a better one. regarding the beings you have experienced contact with. There are others who may or may not look human, often reported as higher level beings with spiritual awareness, whose purpose includes sharing knowledge, with concern for the welfare of Earth, this too can be challenging.

Some commonly reported symptoms of contact can include: Paranormal activity, a common occurrence. You waking up with marks on your body, believe you have implants, find you become aware of changes in your life, become more intuitive or develop heightened psychic abilities, and much more. You may sense you’re a hybrid, ie genetically linked with these others, and part of a wider experience. Other abduction scenarios reported includes seeing or being taken by human military/science/medical personnel, and other cultures speak of Djinn interference, report psychic attack, surveillance and more.

If this resonates, it may be helpful to talk someone about it, which is why there is an ETN support number – where you can also leave a text or voice mail. 0795 1752 813.

What is Alien Abduction?

Alien abduction is when a person is taken without conscious
permission or knowledge;

Missing time is often a feature of alien abduction, as is awakening with physical wounds, marks, nose bleeds and sometimes implants are found. The abductee may have genetic material taken and they are sometimes made to interact with hybrid children, which they are told are theirs, and this can be shocking .

Alien abduction experiences may be a long term and an on going situation involving generations within the same family. People experiencing alien abduction often have or develop a heightened ESP/psychic ability. The alien abductee can be someone of high intelligence, creative with an ability to assimilate a lot of information, or not, and there is no personality, culture, race or income bracket type template that is the preferred candidate for alien abduction.

Alien abduction experiences can start even as ‘planned’ pre birth, in babyhood, or as toddlers. Memories of these can be triggered later in life. And, it seems, in relation to stopping these events, only a few abductees have been able to successfully interrupt or stop the abduction experiences completely.

And, on another tack, can profound alien abduction experiences be mimicked via mind control?

What is Milabs/Re-abs?

Some people experiencing alien abductions (by entities from whatever region or dimension), have also gone through other abduction experiences, known as Milabs; Mil (military) – Abs (abductions) or as experiencer, researcher Melinda Leslie calls them, Re-abs; RE (reverse engineered) – ABS (abductees).

That is to say some people undergo further abduction experience by humans of the military/intelligence/industrial/scientific cabal, specifically to interrogate alien abductees about what they’ve learnt of alien agendas, technologies, genetics, psi abilities, etc. This may also include mind control systems and alien hybridisation programmes.

It is common for such people to be subjected to on going harassment of varying kinds, including surveillance, intimidation, email/phone, electronic/microwave interference, black helicopters, stalking, etc.

What is a Contactee?

What is a Contactee?

A contactee is usually someone who is completely conscious of their interaction with known or unknown intelligences / entities, from sources that are known or unknown. Some people also feel that the off worlders, or those non humans are family, referring to them as their space family, or star family and often don’t feel as they themselves are from Earth.

Contact can happen through various means, some of these include;

These states often have an educational aspect, and help develop a person’s higher faculties ie ESP, healing abilities etc. and often relate to information regarding the evolution of humanity and the planet.

Anomalous Mind Management

Mind control – anomalous mind management and mind manipulation is frequently a feature reported by Experiencers, whether linked to memory wiping by ET/alien/space family beings of an event, or by a human element with a vested interest in maintaining certain policies or doctrines, which otherwise might result in a change of perception in society about the off worlders. Coercion, threats and surveillance are also reported in certain cases ensuring a level of status quo in the community of intelligence, military/secret and other governing bodies – there are those who have paid with their lives. This is nothing new.

The ET News Room

Was created to help address the vacuum in the UK that exists in respect of there being an official body where people experiencing alien abduction, being contacted by other beings of this or some other dimension, or experiencing anomalous mind management could turn to for support and understanding in the first instance.

The people who are experiencing these situations, sometimes for years, can share with others of like mind, instead of living in isolation and feeling marginalised. They hopefully now have a chance to speak out with no fear of ridicule, intimidation, harassment or medical/psychiatric intervention.

The helpline is a first point of contact where a sympathetic response is offered, and if relevant, a follow up skype or zoom call can be arranged. The ET News Room looks to give Experiencers a voice. We endeavour to facilitate a better understanding of such experiences by sharing video testimonials where possible, and other related material, to reach the wider world

The ET News Room
What happened to Ammach?

(Ammach stands for- Anomolous Mind Management Abductee Contactee helpline)

The ET Newsroom Newsroom was formerly known as The Ammach Project and there is still a lot of material out there under that old banner. The Ammach Project held 4 conferences and several workshops between 2011-2016 and as ETN, there are currently no plans to facilitate conferences or workshops, unless requested, though in future times, ETN may work in collaboration with others on particular projects and hold occasional events.

The Ammach Website was shut down due to an aggressive hacking attack and ongoing interference at the end of 2015. A similar range of work continues under the banner of The ET Newsroom, now encompassing an even broader scope of interests within the larger field. Historically, videos and information showing the now defunct Ammach Project ID are still out there, and can be found on the Youtube channel below. ETN will be adding work to other platforms such as brandnewtube, bitchute, rumble etc.

Experiencer interviews on camera/Skype/Zoom or podcast are still an important part of what ETN does, and provides a UK and international platform for Experiencers and researchers to share their point of view and stories.

However, If you would prefer to speak confidentially about your experience, that’s never a problem, just let us know.

By sharing, and bringing light to bear on such experiences, allows others to heal, to have the courage to share also, and to begin to reclaim the sovereignty of Self, through insight into this process. All a work in progress.