Are you an Alien Abduction Experiencer?

You might be here because you have or are currently experiencing: Abduction by extra terrestrials (ETs), inter dimensional entities (IDEs), extra dimensional entities (EDEs) .   You are an Alien Contactee .    Both of the above . Paranormal activity allied to the above .  Notice you wake up with marks on your body, have implants.  Awareness that you are a hybrid,   Abduction by military/scientific humans, Djinn interference, Psychic attack, and you need someone to talk to about

What is Alien Abduction?

Alien abduction is  when a person is taken without conscious permission or knowledge;

  • Against their will
  • For unknown purposes
  • Usually by beings of unknown origin or type
  • Sometimes with human involvement

Missing time is often a feature of alien abduction. Awakening with physical wounds, marks, nose bleeds and sometimes implants have been found. The abductee sometimes has genetic material taken they are also sometimes made to interact with hybrid children. The purpose of this is possibly for education of the alien beings or to use interaction to study human behaviour. Alien abduction experience could serve a purpose of being indoctrinated by other life forms systems. All of this is possible because those perpetrating these conditions have advanced mind control and other technologies  that are currently unknown to humanity in general.

The alien abduction may be a long term and an on going situation which can affect generations of a family. People experiencing alien abduction often have a heightened ESP/psychic ability. These psychic abilities are not like the psychic abilities we are used to experiencing. The alien abductees have high intelligence, are creative and have an ability to assimilate a lot of information quickly.

Alien abduction experiences frequently start at about 4 years old, memories can be triggered of these later in life. Only a few abductees have been able to successfully interrupt or stop the abduction experiences completely.
Can profound alien abduction experiences be mimicked via mind control?

What is Milabs/Re-abs?

Some people experiencing alien abductions (by entities from whatever region or dimension), have also gone through other abduction experiences, known as Milabs; Mil (military) – Abs (abductions) or as experiencer, researcher Melinda Leslie calls them, Re-abs; RE (reverse engineered) – ABS (abductees).

That is to say some people undergo further abduction experience. ‘Reverse engineering’ relates to alien abductees being re-abducted by humans of the military/intelligence/industrial/scientific cabal, specifically to interrogate alien abductees about what they’ve learnt of alien agendas, technologies, genetics, psi abilities, etc. This may also include mind control systems and alien hybridisation programmes.

It is common for such people to be subjected to on going harassment of varying kinds, including surveillance, intimidation, email/phone, electronic/microwave interference, black helicopters, stalking, etc.

What is Contactee?

A contactee is usually someone who is completely conscious of their interaction with known or unknown intelligences / entities, from sources that are known or unknown. Contact can happen through various means, some of these include;

  1. Meditative states
  2. Trance
  3. Voice
  4. Automatic handwriting
  5. Physical interaction
  6. Clairvoyance
  7. Clairaudience

These states often have an educational aspect, and help develop a person’s higher faculties ie ESP, healing abilities etc. and often relate to information regarding the evolution of humanity and the planet.

Anomalous Mind Management

You may have been subjected to mind management technologies of various types from various sources and that abuse whether mental, emotional, physical or sexual has been a factor in your history.

There may also be a perception of intervention and manipulation by other beings, who are aided by other human the purpose of the alien abduction or mind management purposes is unknown. Government programmes can feature significantly in the mind management arena except for the hijacking and vampirising of the true kernel of human divine energy…

The ET News Room

Was created to help address the vacuum in the UK that exists in respect of there being an official body where people experiencing alien abduction, being contacted by other beings of this or some other dimension, or experiencing anomalous mind management could turn to for support and understanding in the first instance.

The people who are experiencing these situations, sometime for years, can share with others of like mind, instead of living in isolation and feeling marginalised. They hopefully now have a chance to speak out with no fear of ridicule, intimidation, harassment or medical/psychiatric intervention.

Contact us to leave a message about your experience or other enquiry

The helpline is a first point of contact where a sympathetic response is offered, and a follow up skype or personal meeting can be arranged. The ET News Room intends to give voice to people as referenced here at meetings and on tape. We endeavour to facilitate a better understanding of what is happening by sharing video footage of testimonies which reaches the wider world

The ET News Room meetings/conferences

We have held closed meetings in the first two years, for invited guests and Experiencers only, to come and share their stories, (these are closed to the public), though they were usually filmed. However, it is felt that an open meeting will be more beneficial, and there will be no further closed meetings. That does not stop anyone else convening their own closed groups.

From the second conference held in spring 2013, there was an extended Q & A open mic session, where members of the audience could comment and share their own experiences, this will be the format used in other conferences. The interviews will be added to this website under the interview page, both audio and video are there. Video interviews will be uploaded to the Youtube channel. You do have the choice to keep you story with The ET News Room only, or to go public with it. CLICK HERE for The ET News Rooms official Youtube channel, which is being populated with previous and new work – please be patient whilst this new phase of The ET News Room is in transition . Most of the videos are currently found on megawatts1066 – or you can google The ET News Room interviews, and find plenty that comes up. There are many hours of updates, interviews, conference material and other researcher interviews out there now.

By sharing, and bringing light to bear on such experiences, allows others to heal, to have the courage to share also, and to begin to reclaim the sovereignty of Self, through insight into this process. All a work in progress.

Please consider investing in our work, website and other assets, thank you.