AMMACH In America Feb 2013

Ammach in America opening graphic


In February 2013 Ammach went to America for the International UFO Conference in Fort McDowell,

Radisson, in 12800 N. Saguaro Blvd. Fountain Hills, AZ 85268 , with Marie Kayali, and Colin Woolford.

We were fortunate enough to interview several speakers and attendees, and caught up with some old friends.


Below you will find the interviews with Niara Isley, Stan Romanek, Dr Leo Sprinkle, Bob Dean, Bob Brown,

Devara Thunderbeat, KT Kelly, Piper Johnston and Kat King.


Marie went through some testing w ith Steve Colbern from A & S Research – who works with Dr Roger Leir.

This is what we need to have in the UK. It certainly gives an immediate overview of implant location and other aspects linked with having experiences. It is clear that the phenomena is ongoing and shows no signs of letting up. We hope you enjoy and thanks to everyone for participating in our off the cuff interviews. Getting the information out and reaching more people will help in the long run to cause more of humankind to realise that we are not alone.

Stan Romanek


Bob Dean & Bob Brown


Dr Leo Sprinkle


Niara Isley


Ammach by the pool with

Devara Thunderbeat, KT Kelly, and Marie Kayali

A & S Research Implant scan test – Marie Kayali

with Steve Colbern, Kat King and Piper Johnston

. Part 1 Part 2