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We have had Experiencers contact us because they saw interviews on ParadigmShifttv (, and they didnt have a computer. but it may be that this will not last too much longer as they are needing funding to continue, and it will be a sad event if they are lost to us. The fact that AMMACH first appeared on SKY CHANNEL showcase tv – /192 on the day of our first conference, 1st September 2012, seemed auspicious.
This is what we want to get, the Experiencer testimony out there in the land of the public at large, so we have made a start, a foot in the door, and thanks to Dr Stephen Hopwood of Arcturus Complementary Health Clinic in Totnes, who is the Producer, and fingers crossed that PSTV will find the funding to continue.


June 13 2013 – Channel 4 aired a documentary featuring Ammach, and some of the Experiencers who have contacted Ammach, and given interviews, called Confessions of an Alien Abductee. Off the Fence Productions first commission by Channel 4, filmed 80 hours of video with director Guy Gilbert heading up the programme. Sadly, but to be expected in this arena, not only did the director arrive to film not even knowing what or who Ammach was, but also clearly had zero interest in the subject. What was produced was as far as Ammach is concerned, not representative of Ammach, the Experiencers, or anything like, and like nearly all mainstream media seeks to create doubt, ridicule and certainly does not explore with any seriousness, this most important of human interactions conditions….I can only hope that these others will put these media folk through some of the experiences that are reaported to Ammach by many. Below is a link to a trailer for the programme


Whilst I disliked the programme intensely, the response from the programme was huge, and was positively received by 99% of those who wrote in to share their experiences or express their relief and gratitude at for once, not feeling they were alone, so I feel that to some extent, the risk assessment in the decision to go ahead and allow Ammach to feature in this poor material, proved ultimately beneficial to many, and that in itself is good to know. As someone pointed out to me, that they did not make the film I thought we were making….and that is an understatement, and an opportunity to grow wiser.

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